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This site started out in December 2005 as coursework for a short web design course at some university. I didn't know much about anything, so I wrote about Wing Chun. I didn't complete the work in time for the qualification, but I can live with that. This was the first serious site I'd ever made.

Many thanks to Awardspace's free semi-professional web hosting which continues to be as suitable a host as any, many years after this site settled down with Awardspace after jumping between various top free web hosts.

You may notice various inconsistencies between the pages of this site while fresh, new features have been gradually introduced.

What are Martial Arts?

Martial Arts are skills of fighting. These can be physical or psychological, technology-assisted or empty-handed, and can include various techniques such as shooting guns, hacking computers, mind control and more.

Why practice Martial Arts?

In a world where junk food is the diet, walking to the car is exercise, and practicing exam techniques is an education, people often need an activity to cultivate the health of their mind, body and soul.

In a world where thuggery is cool and muggery is the norm, many men practice martial arts. The martial arts can provide skills in combat as well as guidance in preserving good physical health and the confidence required to develop a more ethical attitude.

Why not practice Martial Arts?

Nothing lives forever, so practice nothing to live longest.

Fasting (emptying your stomach) can be good for the body. Praying (emptying your mind) can be good for the mind. Working for or giving to charity — losing your ambitions & emptying your pocket — can be good for the soul.

What is Wing Chun?

Call it Wing Chun, Wing Tsun or Ving Tsun (Cantonese), Yong Chun (Mandarin) or WingTsun (US Trademark of Leung Ting); it is one of the most realistically-founded and effective systems of empty-handed combat that exists today for the purpose of self-defence.


Know the fight. Keep the peace. Welcome to Wing Chun Kung Fu.

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